My Prayer For You

My Prayer for You

I pray that…
… your eyes see goodness in all people and all things.
… you feel love toward every living creature.
… gratitude fills your heart and every thought and all your conversations.
… your positive attitude is infectious, even contagious.
… your smile makes happy all hearts surrounding you.
… your joyful spirit fills the emptiness of others.

I pray that…
… your words are kind and your actions kinder.
… compassion is at the core of all you do.
… seeds of forgiveness find fertile ground upon which to flower.
… your generosity touches not only those next to you but reaches beyond to those you may never meet.
… patience prevails.

I pray that…
… you are blessed with absolute clarity of mind, and precious purpose.
… the fuel of passion burns ever so brightly in every task you undertake.
… courage and caution strike an even more perfect balance in your life.
… integrity and excellence are at the forefront of all your works.
… humility becomes the foundation of your every accomplishment.
… you ask for, and receive the Divine Inspiration that is duly yours.

I pray that…
… the breezes of peace and serenity fill your sails for the remainder of your journey.
… the light that is You burns as an even brighter beacon to illuminate all that is right, and just.
… your heart and hands will always be busy building a better world.


©2012 Rick Beneteau

My Prayer For You

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