In Memory of Rick’s Mother, Brother and Sister

Laura May Beneteau

Rick’s beloved mother passed peacefully in April of 2016 at 94 years of age. Wonderful eulogies by Rick’s sister, Lisa, and oldest daughter, Sara, at a family celebration of life ceremony attested to the legacy of love she left, especially for her many grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren. Stories of the matriarch passing on her baking secrets and teaching the local grandchildren her cooking, cleaning and sewing skills made for many a moist eye that day.

She now rests next to her beloved husband Percy.



Robert Charles (Bob) Beneteau

Rick’s older brother Bob, who he was very close to, was a successful executive who started his career in sales and rose up the corporate ladder to become a Vice President at Fuller Brush.

As a teenager, realizing he required discipline, the rambunctious young Canadian joined the U.S. Marine Corp and was posted overseas in Korea in 1954 returning home the next year.

An avid golfer whose magnetic personality lit up any room he entered, at age 44, Bob was among the 114 victims of the July 17th, 1981 Hyatt Regency Hotel tragedy.


Patricia (Pat) Beneteau

Rick’s beloved sister and always the life of the party, Pat, suffered for two decades with breast cancer that eventually made it’s way into her blood and brain. She decided throughout this horrible ordeal to live on her own terms and avoid long hospital stays electing to remain in the peace of her home. In 1992, she succumbed to the disease, and Rick quickly wrote a symphonic piece of music in her honor that was played at her funeral. Called “Patricia’s Theme“, you can listen here.