Book Endorsements

These are testimonials for Rick’s soon-to-be-released print book, A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please! ncluding two of “The Secret” movie and book stars and the V.P of the U.S. Marine’s Toys for Tots Foundation.

“‘A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!’ is not just a book; it’s more than a book. It’s a manual for life and living. It shows you, through real examples about real people, how to make a life instead of just making a living. This book and its essence come from the heart and soul of a man who, not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.”
John Harricharan – as appears in The Foreword
Award Winning Author of the Best-Seller “When You Can Walk on Water Take the Boat”

“Read this book to “hear” Rick Beneteau’s voice as he shares his Spirit and Love. With kindness, love, honor, and purpose you have created a better path for others to follow. To know you is a gift, to read you is a blessing. Don’t just buy this book, live it!”
Tony Trupiano
Author and Syndicated Radio Host

“If you liked any of the Chicken Soup for the Soul stories, you’ll LOVE A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!”
John Assaraf, star of “The Secret”

“Rick, it has been my honor and a great pleasure to work with you and learn from you over the past three years of my Internet marketing career. Your stories have always warmed my heart and touched me in a way few can and your new book REALLY is a “Large Slice of Life” that I am sure anyone who is lucky enough to read will benefit from and love.”
Your friend and FAN,
Jan Tallent-Dandridge

“Moving stories that awaken the heart and urge you to love, live, and laugh–to enjoy and relish each moment of your life.”
Dr. Joe Vitale
#1 Best-Selling Author and star of “The Secret”

“After reading your “A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!” let me just say it is a “King Size” slice of life to go. The stories are truly inspiring, some are tear jerking, and certainly all of them made me consider my life, my goals, and my own selfish “wants” in a different perspective. From the story of Curtis, the thirteen year old, to the story of your own daughter’s battles, made me realize just how good I have it, and this book will touch anyone’s life that reads it. Thank you for an inspiring read that made me realize and appreciate how blessed I am.”
Gary Knuckles
BudgetWare, Inc./

“Brimming with spice, titillating to the senses, and rich with love and emotion is how I would describe Rick Beneteau’s “A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!” Rick has been a source of life-giving inspiration to me, as he has been to thousands – if not millions – of others on the Internet with his very personal and triumphant articles and ezines. He’s put his most prized ingredients into this luscious family recipe he’s now serving you in this wonderful feast of stories. Each “slice” will make you just more determined to gobble down the next as you increasingly savor the richness of your own life and potential.”
Dr. Michael R. Norwood, Author – “The 9 Insights of the Wealthy Soul” and “The 30 Gifts of Life”

“What a great book! It left me totally satisfied yet ready for a second, and maybe even a third helping! It should be a main ingredient of humanity’s diet for life.”
Nancy Roebke
Executive Director, Profnet, Inc.

“You can’t just read this book once. These inspiring stories stay with you day after day to warm your heart. You’ll love it and love life more each minute!”
Yanik Silver,
Creator, Instant Sales Letters

“Rick Beneteau is one of those rare people who is blessed with an impeccable ability to open our hearts as he opens our eyes. That’s quite a feat in itself. In ‘A Slice of Life’, Rick shares powerful stories and inspirational ideas that reach out to everyone, in every situation, at any level. In fact, it’s one of those classic books you will keep by your side when the going gets rough (in order to keep your sanity), and when you reach the pinnacle of success (in order to keep your dignity). All I have to say is, no matter where you are in life, ‘get this book’!”
Michel Fortin, “The Success Doctor”

“A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!” is better than fast food – it’s a lot more nutritious for the soul! Do yourself a favor; reading this book is a much-needed kick in the pants. This slice of life helps us all remember the simplicity and abundance of our blessings. Rick’s lesson is: pray more, whine less, give thanks, share hugs and sleep well. I give thanks for you, Rick. Your writing is a warm blessing everyone can enjoy!”
Anita Bergen, Author – “Pause and Reflect”

“Rick Beneteau offers slice after slice of pure inspiration in his book “A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!”. Each story leaves you feeling better than the last. If you’re looking to be inspired in a BIG way, this is one book you want to read from cover to cover.”
Josh Hinds

“With ‘A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please,’ Rick Beneteau pierces the veil that keeps most people on the surface of life and gets deeper – to the real meaning of life. Rick has had what the world typically calls “success” and now shows you what he has learned – that real success isn’t necessarily what you think it may be. Rick’s stories grab you by the heart and pull you with him to examine what really matters. Don’t just read it – let it challenge you to a deeper life! If you do, it will, and your life will never be the same!”
Chris Widener, Author – “Live the Life You Have Always Dreamed Of”

“Rick Beneteau offers his ‘Slice of Life’ with his Whole Heart. Rick has a rare gift for being able to write from his heart and help the reader to open their own. Thank you for sharing this special gift Rick.”
Brian R. King, Author, and Co-Host of The “Possibilities Radio” Show

“Rick’s new book, “A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!” is a FEAST of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and expertise. It’s simply AMAZING! Rick’s incredible, warm, insightful talents shine through larger than life, in classic Rick Beneteau fashion. It’s not only a WONDERFUL read; this book can change your life. Get your copy (or two, or three) – NOW!”
Bryan Hall, Author and Success Coach

“Uplifting! Inspiring! Riveting! Rick Beneteau will touch your heart, move your soul, and bring you to a higher level of living in his extraordinary new book!”
Mike Litman, #1 Best-Selling Co-Author
Conversations with Millionaires

“If you’re an entrepreneur — put ‘A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!’ at the top of your ‘must read’ list. Not only will you learn a lot that will make a big difference in your life — you’ll have a wonderful experience in the process.”
Audri G. Lanford, Ph.D.
Editor, Internet ScamBusters, the #1 publication on Internet fraud.

“A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please! is a delectable treat. A story is an extremely powerful medium to influence people’s thoughts and actions. In this book, Rick rewards the reader with many truly compelling, winning stories. His stories awaken the mind, kindle the heart, and stir the spirit. I read the book all the way through and its messages stayed with me. They brought a new level of sparkle to my day and fresh awareness to the choices I made. An added bonus — A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please! is topped off with a huge dollop of humor and smiles. It’s soul a la mode.”
Stephanie West Allen, JD, Author, Speaker

“Your new book is fabulous! These heart-warming stories deliver powerful messages of love, courage, strength, hope, and perseverance. From your young daughter’s brain surgery to the warbling of a small finch, you found the golden nugget in each experience that helps us learn and be inspired. “A Slice Of Life…” is a breath of fresh air, and a reinforcement of permanent principles in a changing world. This book is long overdue!”
Joann Javons
Consultant and Coach

“’A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please’ opens a window into your soul. You’ll experience thrills of discovery and harvest pearls of wisdom in every moment. It’s a feel good, heart-warming book! I highly recommend it!”
Kristie Tamsevicius, Author, Speaker, and Branding Strategist and founder of
“Rick Beneteau is special. His unique gifts have made the Internet a better place for all of us. Rick’s new book “A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!” is wonderful. The book’s wise, funny, and illuminating stories will feed your Soul and enrich your life. Don’t miss this book.”
Dr. Jim Manganiello, Master Coach

“Anyone who can still listen to their heart will be moved by this book. Moved to tears of joy at the gifts that surround us, so often unnoticed. To laughter at our own funny quirks. And, most powerfully, to amazement at the wonder to be found in the people we encounter every day. Thank you, Rick, for a much needed reminder.”
Paul Myers

“There are books of inspiration, and then there is Rick’s “A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!” Here is a series of thought-provoking, emotion-engaging anecdotes that not only inspire, make you smile, make you cry, and make you cheer; this book gives you, the reader, a very special gift. The gift of faith. If your faith in mankind is ever wavering, you must read ‘A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please’. If you neither believe in nor can see a light at the end of your tunnel, you must read this book. Even if your life is perfect, this book is one of the most rewarding reads… the type of book you can read simply because it’s a great read and has something for everyone.”
Terri Levine, MCC, PCC, MS, CCC-SLP, the President of Comprehensive Coaching U – The Professional’s Coach Training Program, a popular Master Certified personal and business Coach, Speaker and Author

“I’ve never met Rick Beneteau face to face, but I’ve known him all my life. He’s the little league coach who volunteered his time and talent so young people could learn about a game, about sportsmanship, and about life. He’s the Sunday School teacher who shares his experiences and his love for our creator with children. And he’s the Internet guru who called me up out of the blue three years ago and said “I want to help needy children by raising toys and funds for your Marine Toys for Tots Foundation,” and then he did just that! Why am I not surprised that he’s now written a most entertaining and inspirational book? I don’t know the answer to that question, but I’m glad he did and I encourage you to read it!”
Major Bill Grein, USMC (Ret)
Vice President
Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

“Rick you’ve done it again. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Beneteau you need to dig into his latest and greatest piece of work. Rick is a master storyteller and like all great authors he throws himself (Heart & Soul) into ‘A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please!’ Rick’s Slices of Life are the greatest collection of stories, insights and thoughts since “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” except in this collection you get the full meal.”
“From the opening appetizer, Rick grabs your heart and fills it with uncanny wisdom and perspective. If you’re looking to view life anew and refresh your thinking, Rick serves it up hot and spicy and ready to go. This is a fulfilling book that you will not want to put down until you’ve cleared you plate. As a big fan of Rick’s e-Book “Success: A Spiritual Matter,” this creation lived up to my high expectation of him. Thanks Rick for such a personal and enlightening book and yes, I will have another slice!”
James ‘J.K.’ Kennedy, Author and Motivational Speaker
President Success Seekers International

These are testimonials for Rick’s Success: A Spiritual Matter

“I’ve read probably 1000 books on the topics of business, spirituality, and motivation. Rick Beneteau’s book, ‘Success: A Spiritual Matter,’ is the best I’ve seen at addressing all these critical issues in one place.”
— Paul Myers, Publisher, TalkBiz News

“I’m utterly swamped with stuff to read. Of all the books I’ve seen this year, this one is by far the best.”
— Allan Gardyne,

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that people like you are Online. This information is long over-due, and more valuable than all the other Internet Marketing eBooks combined! Finally someone’s revealed the secrets behind the secrets. 😉 So thank you for this gift to us all.”
— Dustin Struckman,

“A dazzling array of shakin’ and bakin’ information that is guaranteed to skyrocket and soar your life and your income! Oh… do I wish this was available years ago! The only question you need to ask is, ‘How many friends will I tell to buy it?’ ”
— Mike Litman, Co-Author #1 Best-Seller of “Conversations with Millionaires: What Millionaires Do To Get Rich, That You Never Learned About In School!”

“You can now throw out almost everything you learned in business school or even in the business world because this ebook will not only change how you do business from this moment forward, it will change your entire trajectory — straight to the top! “I will definitely keep this on my ebook desktop for easy and constant reference.”
— Kevin M. Clark, Clark Marketing Group, Inc.,

“Don’t read this book… in one sitting!! It is so powerful you will miss most of it if you go too fast. One chapter per day — certainly no more than one chapter per hour. If you go faster than that, the power principles from prior chapters will bleed over into the present one, and you’ll cheat yourself. This ebook gives people a real roadmap to success beyond their wildest dreams!”
— John Dealey, Dallas, TX, “Multiple-Millionaire” Helping Other Wonderful People to Become “Multiple-Millionaires” Also

“Take off the gloves because you’re not going to need them anymore to fight your way to achieving your goals! Rick, through the honest insight of some of the best minds in business today, has shown you ‘the peaceful way’ to making major progress in your life!”
— Colleen Francis, President, Engage Selling
“Work less, Sell more, ENGAGE.”

“This book is so timely and so important that it is simply a ‘must’ read for anyone who is in ANY line of business today. It brings you such an amazingly broad range of spiritual insights, attitudes, and approaches that you will find many ideas that resonate deep within you — regardless of your own spiritual vision or journey, and completely irrespective of your own religion or lack thereof. I learned something new and valuable from every single person you interviewed. This was one of the most enriching and illuminating reads I’ve enjoyed in many years.”
— Dan Shafer, Best-selling Author, Creativity and Marketing Consultant, and Founder of the Fellowship of One Mind

“One simple principle in this book has helped me rise from a second devastating bankruptcy to earning a very comfortable six-figure income in less than one year! More important, I’ve never had so much fun in my life than right now, doing what I’m doing. That, to me, is key. If you read the same principles extolled in this book, you will gain knowledge used by some of the biggest earners online right now. And I promise you that, if you apply just one single idea from this book, you or your business will grow many times over.”
— Michel Fortin, “The Success Doctor”

“When I was asked to be one of the contributors to this fantastic ebook, Success: A Spiritual Matter, I felt it a rare privilege. Each interview provides us not only with distilled wisdom, but with magical ways of using such wisdom as well. Pick any interview at random and it’s easily worth ten times the price of the entire book. You will discover priceless gems buried in each and every page. This is one book that I will return to over and over again.”
— John Harricharan, Award-winning Author of the best-seller, “When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat” and Creator of the ground-breaking “PowerPause” system for wealth and success.

“This is a great book! In fact, I would go so far as to say it is an IMPORTANT book for anyone who wants to achieve big things. As I read ‘Success: A Spiritual Matter,’ I found it built in an almost hypnotic manner… as chapter after chapter built upon itself. Even though I have already traveled the same road as many of the people in the book, and I have already achieved greater success than I would have thought possible a few years ago, this book had a big impact on me… a MUCH bigger impact than I expected.”
— Jeff Walker, Publisher,

“Success is an inside job! ‘Success: A Spiritual Matter’ teaches you what highly successful people do inside themselves in order to manifest the success we all see on the outside. If you realize there is more to ‘making it’ than merely trying to motivate yourself or get *pumped-up*, then get this ebook. Model the excellence in others and create your personalized roadmap to lifelong success.”
— Jim Edwards, Co-Author, “eBook Secrets Exposed”

“The interview questions Rick Beneteau compiled in Success: A Spiritual Matter made me probe deeper into the most essential points of my own subject matter regarding becoming a Wealthy Soul than any interview I’ve ever had. This includes interviews with the country’s most prestigious newspapers and magazines, as well as interviews by numerous well-known radio and television hosts. Thanks, Rick, for such in-depth questions that allowed me to uncover things I never before shared.”
— Dr. Michael Norwood, Best-selling Author,

“Priorities changed for me — suddenly, without warning, without preparation. It appears that is recently true for many people. The struggle to find balance, passion, fulfillment, and success escalated to a NEED. This book, ‘Success: A Spiritual Matter,’ provides insights blended from work and family life in such a way that anyone can see how to have balance and still be ‘successful.’ In fact, I walked away from the book feeling that the balance itself WAS the success.”
— Nancy Roebke, Executive Director, Profnet, Inc.

“Rick Beneteau’s insightful book contains practical, actionable information on how highly successful people use Universal Laws to achieve great success. Read this book, learn from it, and most importantly — allow yourself to succeed!”
— Noah St. John, Author of Permission to Succeed,