These are videos Rick co-created where he often used music he wrote/co-wrote in the background. Enjoy!

A Song to Change the World

In late 2020, Rick and Larry Thompson hunkered down in Larry’s studio to write a produce a song they felt the world needed to hear.


Children Are The Very Heart Of Christmas

You might be aware Rick founded the Internet Toy Drive back in 2001 as a corporate sponsor of the U.S. Marine’s Toys for Tots Foundation which raised a lot of money for toys for families in need for a decade (NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe was his sponsor for all 10 years). In 2016 he loaned Toys for Tots a brand new video (Rick co-wrote and produced the song, Children Are the Very Heart of Christmas, in 1988) for their campaign which is now in full swing. You’ll see at the end that it asks viewers to donate to Toys for Tots.



In January, 2016, Rick heard that James Twyman was putting together a peace concert in, of all places, ISIS controlled Syria. Moved by this brave step to help this part of the world, he immediately contacted James and offered him “Forgiveness”, that he and Larry Thompson wrote in 1991 and reproduced at the end of 2016. Forgiveness is now being used in James’ campaign. Joan Colbourn-Charette is the vocalist.


Melissa’s Lunch Money (10 Million Clicks For Peace)


Our World at Peace (10 Million Clicks For Peace)


The Legacy You Leave


The Parent’s Creed