Rick’s Family

Here’s a little bit about the apples of Rick’s eye:-)

Sara Beneteau Wilson

Rick’s firstborn, Sara Nicole, excelled in grade school and high school while dancing on her dance school’s competition team, travelling to places like Las Vegas, New York and Chicago.

She had designs on becoming a family lawyer and started her university studies with that career in mind, however, she decided to follow her passion for helping people by entering nursing school where she maintained a 4.0 grade average while working 20 – 30 hours a week supporting her young boys.

Today, she is a busy single mom to her achieving teenage sons traveling with Corbin and Cameron to their football games and dance competitions and is a charge nurse delivering babies at Canada’s second busiest birthing center.


Teri Lauren Beneteau

Teri, named after her Uncle Terry, who she never met and who passed away at age 16, was born with a brain tumor and Cerebral Palsy. Her first decade of life was lived largely in hospitals because of multiple surgeries, including brain surgery, and the debilitating seizures she endured early in life (and always be subjected to for the rest of her life) would never stop this go-getter from accomplishing things most people would say she could never do. Learning difficulties and social challenges marked the first 20 years of her life but determined to graduate college she took enough online courses and attended college in her city of Belleville, Ontario, to receive a degree in 2012. The photo to the right is her casual graduation photo. Today, she works as a Personal Support Worker.



Corbin Nicolas Wilson

Now 20 years old, the star running back of his high school’s football team who received three invitations to summer camps at NCAA Tier 1 universities in the southern U.S. (but didn’t attend because of ACL/MCL surgery), Corbin is now in his second year apprenticing in interior construction and loving it. Below is a video Rick complied of the highlights of his 2014 high school season. Open full screen and watch #42 at work on the gridiron – no one can catch him!




Cameron Richard Wilson

Rick’s youngest grandson and namesake, is 19 years old,and just turned pro after deciding at the tender age of four that he wanted to do what his mom did, and dance. And dance he did enjoying a stellar amateur career garnering countless high awards and several dance scholarships. Needless to say, Cameronhas a very bright future in dance ahead of him.

Here’s his award-and-scholarship-winning solo performance this winter at the Tremaine convention in Dearborn, MI.