Marketing Endorsements

I just had to write and tell
you that the purchase I made on Monday
Dec, 18 th of your Ezine Marketing
Machine was the best money I have
ever spent. I read your book cover to
cover twice. Your book inspired me to
start pounding these keys. I have
never written anything. To make a long
story short I typed an article and
sent it to you and you approved. This
is Tuesday Dec 19 and my article has
been sent to many ezines and I am
getting rave reviews. I don’t know how
to thank you for all your help.
God bless you.
Vern Anderson

Hi Rick,I’ve finally put
EzineMoney into practice. My very first
article has been picked up by MLM
Insider magazine and my hit counter and
sales are starting to ‘motor’. I
couldn’t have done it without you –
thank you.
Richard Wall

Hi Rick:
There’s a new girl in town!!! I
purchased The Ezine Marketing Machine
yesterday, downloaded it, read the book,
and started sobbing. I was sobbing
because I realized my instincts were
dead right about this Internet thing.
Although I’m very new to the Net, I
quickly realized that the way to go
about promoting online was different
from any other media I’d ever dealt
with. And I intuitively knew that
writing articles and weaving the
benefits of the products into the
articles would be a far more effective
method than slamming customers with the
product itself. I just didn’t know how
to go about it. And I needed to know how
fast! And then I found your book. You
showed me exactly HOW to go about doing
Nancy Dower

A few weeks ago, I purchased your Ezine
Money Machine course and I thoroughly
enjoyed it! I decided to write my
“first” article this past weekend. I
created a list of ezine publishers
(geez, I think you got a copy 🙂 ) a few
weeks ago and submitted the article to
over 300 editors last night. WOW…my
first article was featured in WebProNews
which goes to 500,000!!! These guys even
posted the entire article on the FRONT
page of their website. They loved it! I
am just blown away. I got so many emails
from other publishers who plan to run
the article in their next issue…total
of about 15 so far…and counting. I am
still getting so much email from people
who liked it. The best part is that I am
starting to get orders as a result of
the article and only one ezine (within
12 hours of submission) actually
published my article so far! I
could not have done it without you!!
Thanks for opening the doors to a whole
new world for me.

Your course should really be
priced in the hundreds of dollars!!
Wade LaGrenade
The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

You have definitely been an inspiration to
me. Just got in two more ezines this
morning. This last article has gotten
over 1 million impressions and still
going strong. Your Ezine Marketing Machine
E-book has been one of the best
investments I have ever made on the
net! I can’t believe that you are
selling it for so little. It is
helping me thrive not just survive on
the net!
Nathan Lynch

I’m writing you to say how
much I’ve enjoyed both using and
selling the Ezine Marketing
Machine. Although it took me
nearly 3 months to put into practice
what you teach, I have been
getting some phenomenal results.
Just today I wrote a small
article and submitted it to a popular
ezine.. Within 1 hour it was accepted
and further more it was placed at the
very beginning of today’s issue.
WOW!!! I couldn’t believe
it. I was also asked not to submit
it to anyone else for 72 hrs. I
agreed. That in itself indicated
to me that I had taken your principles
and applied them the right way.
Yours is absolutely the
best product I have ever used!

Rodney Purnell
Rick, your Ezine Marketing
Machine is an all-in-one-sitting recipe
book for professionalism and
credibility-building on the web.
2nd and 3rd sittings as well.
Thanks for saving me the
frustration and incalculable hours of
marketing trial and error, not to
mention the dollars the trial and error
could’ve cost me. EMM is instructive,
informational and a splendid thought

I commend you for giving back
so generously that which was given to
you – the knowledge of Internet
marketing and the ability to promote
your ideas for the benefit of others.
Barry Rice

I ordered your e-zine
marketing machine about a week ago.
Man, what an inspiration!
I immediately began tapping into my
old, forgotten love of creative
writing and before I knew it…I’d
written three articles! I held
my breath and emailed my first one one
off to a large e-zine.The next day I
got an email back…my
article will be published!
Thanks for your ideas. I believe
they will be the seed of my dream…to
have a successful and very
profitable web business! With
Glenn D. Leonard
Profitable-Enterprises Business Cafe

I am grateful that I purchased your book, it is a program
that anybody on the internet should live by.
Professor Frank J. Miller

I bought your book and it is
Norm Williams

Hey Rick! I’ve been published! I have
included the particulars below. I just
wanted to take a minute to express my
gratitude for your help and your fine
publication. It has not yet been two
weeks since I ordered the Ezine Marketing
Machine and I have already
had my first article published once
and have commitments from two other
Ezines to publish in the near future!
By following the program exactly as described in your
publication I have achieved
the promised success. Thank you!
Mike Peterson

Sure owe you a debt of
gratitude! Your material is my
“business bible” that started me down
the road, now there is a glimmer of
light at the end of the tunnel!
Bill Wingate

After I sent Holly a note
saying “congratulations” for her
appearance in Internet Day:
That’s very nice of you! And who got me started I
wonder? I have had some success, today
being my latest. The same article was
published in WebPro News last month
and in some smaller e-zines too. You
are definitely right – this is by far
the most cost effective and productive
way of getting attention! Thanks so
much for all your support and
encouragement. You are indeed
one of a kind.
Holly Janion

I am now featured in 2 newsletters on weekly columns and also
at WorldProfit and World Wide
Information Outlet as a monthly
writer on each. Two “printed
magazines” sending me their calendar
notices of when I can submit to
them with specific topics for PRINTED

I am also writing a Feature column
about “Women Working From
Home” for Bob Osgoodby’s newsletter —
which has now been seen by Gary
Foreman and he has also requested that
I send him my articles too!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you offer
through EZine Money! I
always had exposure through my WEON
site gaining popularity — but now I’m
gaining visibility for my NAME as
well, all thanks to your product.
Rozey Gean

Especially wanted to thank
you for having such a profound impact
on my internet career. After two yrs.
of disappointing and frustrating
experiences with the Wild Web, I
nearly gave up. There is power in
prayer. I was then introduced to
EzineMoney, and the integrity, honesty
and sincerity that had been lacking,
reappeared. Having read and researched
the book, I now have something to look
forward to in 2000.
Thank you and God Bless,
Lou Donofrio

Rick, I just want to tell you that your
articles have been great
sources of inspiration. Every time
we feel like giving up on our
infopreneurial activities, we’d read
your articles. Your articles
never fail to motivate. My partner
and I could defintely relate
to all your experiences. Your
honesty fuels our drive to continue
on despite overwhelming feelings of
giving up. Thank you very
much for not just providing us with
helpful Internet Marketing
resources, but also sharing us your
soul. Whether we succeed
or not at least we were given the push
to at least “do” what we’ve
always dreamed of doing. Thank
William Coronel

I want to personally thank
you for the EzineMoney product. It
has greatly inspired me and I believe that
it is one of the best products
out on the market for marketers and
entrepreneurs. Your product offers
excellent advertising ventures for
business-minded marketers who have a
desire to market over the internet.
EzineMoney answers questions that
remain distilled in the minds of
marketers and offers another avenue in
which the one main
question can finally be answered, “Why
not?” You offer valuable
resources that fit the needs of every
Kyle Patton

Some Web sites have it and some
don’t, I am not even sure what it’s
called, but I visit some sites and I
sense that the operator or organization
running the business are driven by real
“Passion and Purpose”. The presentation
of the site tells me they know their
stuff, and are obviously driven to
success by the “Passion and Purpose”
they have for their business. Rick
Beneteau’s Web site has it and I had
every confidence when I bought his book
The Ezine Marketing Machine I wasn’t
going to be let down by the
content, and I wasn’t disappointed!
Bill Burdin

Rick, your Ezine Marketing Machine is one of the best
investments I have made. It gave me
the courage and knowledge to venture
out on my own. Presently I am in the
initial stages of creating an E-book.
I appreciate your almost instant
availability by phone or email. As you
know, I am a stickler for
responsiveness by vendors and it was
the subject of one of my first
articles after reading your book.
Bill Thomas

Rick, you ooze credibility and
honesty! Keep up the good
work! You are the cream that rises to
the top of the hype, lies, scammers,
etc. Honesty in internet marketing is
becoming a prized commodity.Thanks!
Susan Jackson

I wrote another article and so far 4
different newsletters are going to
publish it for me. I only sent the
article to 5 publishers! I can’t tell
you enough how much your ebook (and you)
have been an inspiration to me.
T. Williams
Editor of Top Biz News

I’ve just finished reading your Ezine Marketing Machine.
It’s just what I was looking for. I’ve written
several books and so know that it’s
taken a lot of hard, creative work to
get this far – lots of rewrites! But it’s worth it. Good job,
well done!
Iris Ford

I was one of the first to get
Rick’s system when he went public. I
read his material in one sitting. It
was clear, concise, and very
entertaining. Following Rick’s
formula, I submitted my article
(“Don’t Try to Be My Sugar Daddy”) to
a few hundred ezine publishers. The
results were incredible. The article
was immediately published in over 24
different ezines–including one with
over 150,000 subscribers. Traffic at
my site more than doubled. 400 new
subscribers joined my ezine list. If
all that’s not enough, I made nearly
$1000.00 additional income that I can
directly attribute to this system.

Bill Nieporte


I just purchased your E-Zine
Marketing Machine a couple of hours
ago. I can’t thank you enough for the
inspiration and helpful tips I
received. I’ve aleady finished reading
the book, and am all set to write a
new article. I’ve written many
articles, but what with one thing and
another, I haven’t written one in a
long time. Thanks to you, you will be
seeing many of my articles on the web,
Kim Skinner

Good stuff! I love how when you think
you’ve got it all down pat, there are
those little gems that pop up. That
happened on several occasions as I
read your advice. I’ll be quickly
taking your valuable suggestions to
heart and updating my newsletter to
reflect those ideas.
Mike Banks Valentine

After purchasing and using Rick Beneteau’s Ezine Marketing
Machine, I just had to tell someone
that I had an article published in
Kathy Williams “Busy Mom’s Free Weekly
Ezine”. She has 3,011 subscribers.
Betty Ann Wilkins is publishing it in
her At Home Working News Letter next
week. Also, some Online Magazines have
expressed interest in my work as well.
Cheri Tugmon

Absolutely Top Shelf! How can I fail?!”
Jerry Johnsted
CEO JRE Enterprises

I’m with EzineMoney because I believe in
Rick’s ideas.
John Colanzi
Mail Order Insider
Subcribe at:

It was great!
Gloria Reibin

ME!!! You have a powerful concept that
can lead to enormous exposure to many
areas on the Internet. I am very happy
with EMM and intend to read it over many
times. Rick, you have done a superb job
on all counts.

Length – It was not 400 pages that
ramble on and take two weeks to read.
Content – It covered all the bases –
What to write about, format, who to send
it to. Witty – It was very entertaining
and not at all dry reading. Price – Well
worth the money.
Jim Melvin

I have barely scratched the
surface, and I KNOW it’s what I’ve been
looking for. VGS [Very Good Stuff]!
Jack Wilson

The Ezine Marketing Machine is
truly an amazing book. The concept of
reaching thousands of targeted consumers
is mind boggling. Rick Beneteau is the
guru of Internet Marketing.
David A. Silverman

The Ezine Marketing Machine has given me
incentive, and more confidence to write
articles, and get more FREE exposure.
Plus the resources to get published that
Rick provides are excellent!
Harry Fassett

I just bought your e-book,
and found it very informative. In
fact, it was just what I needed to
promote my own E-book 🙂 Your book
taught me how to use the power of an
attractive sales text to turn a
‘viewer’ into a ‘buyer’. Thanks for
the course!
Dirk Dupon/Author of ‘Web Site and Ezine
Promotion for Idiots’

I do admire your credibility and strings of successes.
I’m sure it has something to do with
the right attitudes – especially
towards fellow netizens. Keep up the
good work friend.
Theo Bolte

Joining the Clan late in 1999, I
would like to say how much I
appreciate all the information from
YOU and your Team? If you don’t
have a Team, all I can say is, you
can’t sleep for long. For the
quality of your work and production is
both timely and excellent. Anyway, the
purpose of this note is to Thank You!
for being there, in the ethical way
that you are. I don’t know how I
managed to stumble across YOUR Site,
from the thousands, or is it millions,
that are out there. I’m just
glad I did. (I do NOT intend or mean
to be patronising or condescending,
that is not my way. I’m just
truly thankful.)
F. Keith Ager

What can I say, fantastic, great – you’re doing an
excellent job. Many thanks. Lynne Suzanne profound compliments for a publication well put
Howard Peart
President – Imperial Solutions Inc.

I purchased The Ezine Marketing
Machine about a year ago (Dec. ’99).
I read the e-book and began writing
articles. At the time, I “had a lot
on my plate,” so I really didn’t
give this process the attention that
it deserves. Today I re-read the
book, and I want to tell you how
impressed and pleased I am with it.
You have explained an important
concept in a warm and human way. I
plan to redouble my article writing
activity, thanks to the inspiration
this e-book has given me!
Troy J Hoecherl

Thank you so much for
your help! I feel as thought I would
still be back somewhere near square
one if I hadn’t “stumbled” across
you. I “would” and “will” recommend
your value packed site to every
interested party I encounter.
Susan K. Pellan

A hearty THANK YOU!!!!
You have taken something that seemed
SO formidable and turned it into a
simple process.
Mary Wilke

Rick Beneteau not only shows
you the REAL STUFF, but also gives you the
truth on how to succeed at building Internet profits.
With over 15years as an Advertising Copywriter, I
urge you to discover how Beneteau puts
it all into place for even the novice
web profiteer. Thanks Rick. You are the
one-stop source for Internet Advertising.
Gus Gustafson

Before reading Rick’s book,
ezine advertising through writing
articles was not something I really
took seriously. Since then my
marketing success and traffic to my
website have substantially increased.
It was this book which inspired me to
consider an area I never felt I could
do anything with.
Mike Jones

Just wanted to drop you a
note — Kevin Needham of the AIM ezine
accepted my article on charitable
giving for publication. I’ve
published writing in a number of
different venues, but it’s always a
thrill to get that acceptance
letter/email. Just wanted to
share, and thank you again for the
great advice in the ebook.
Jeff Strasburg

Thank you so much for your
encouragement and feedback. I’ve
considered you a mentor for a while
now. Your writing is a great
inspiration to me because I’m not
formally trained to write, although I
have always dabbled at it. But,
I truly love to write, and you talk
about writing from the heart!
Jackie Ulmer

Just after enrolling in the
main program that interested me, I have
bought your e-book: “The Ezine Marketing
Machine”. It gave me the strenght and
the will to be moving mountains!! Thanks
a lot!
Johanne Alarie

Thanks so much for your
patience and services after I managed
to misplace twice my copy of your
wonderful e-book. Your
service has been outstanding and I
appreciate it!
Lupe Green

Thanks for putting me on
this path. Fun! Fun! Fun!”
J.B. Sikes

I just wanted to thank you for the
great book! Just wanted to say
“thanks” for everything you’ve
provided. It’s up to us to put
it to use, but I’m glad you decided to
put this all together in a nice
Brian Cormier

You are definitely a 10
on the “Rickter” scale!!!
Jeannette McLaughlin

Here’s what my fellow
authors have said:

I’m so impressed with this
book, especially the writing. It
is clear, simple, economical, but it
also flows and sings, with wonderful
phrases and phrasing. The writing
advice you give could not be
better. If I were teaching a
course in writing, I would make this
book required reading — and put it at
the top of the list.
Rolf Gompertz
Noted Hollywood Publicist and Author
(lecturer at UCLA)

Your article is really
wonderful and loaded with deep insights.
Not only are you a great writer but one
who understands “Life and Living.”
John Harricharan: Author of The
Power Pause and When You Can Walk on
Water, Take the Boat

Here’s what readers of my
articles have written:

I’m so happy that I purchased
your book. There’s so many golden
nuggets in it, that I’m going to have to
reread several times to digest them
properly. As an “old fashioned”
newspaper journalist (who still
remembers what it was like to use an
electric typewriter – LOL), I’m finding
my adventures in becoming a
designer/”netpreneur”/author/publisher a
rocky journey. I am grateful,
though, to you and others like you that
have “gone before”, and who are most
generously mentoring poor souls like
Dr. Maureen Stephenson
Author/Publisher/Lecturer/Consultant (new
website soon)

I can barely think of a day that goes by
wherin I do NOT receive some massively
important input from my mentors and
friends online! Today was another such
learning experience…
Your newest E-achievement Article “Know
No Fear!” struck me squarely in the
heart…Disabled the 1st time in 1979,
then 1993, then again in 1995, I have,
and still do deal with the fear and pain
monster daily! The article was right on
the money…
Ultimately we WILL be what our responses
to our fears create..
It can be success, or it can be even
further debilitating.. Our choice.. And
you cannot run from it!
God Bless you for you insights! Your
successes are well deserved! (you sure
your not a little older than your pic
Jerry Johnsted
..a willing student.. and truly,
“The Happiest Handicapped Entrepreneur In

I was deeply moved when I read
your article. This is, indeed, a
masterpiece and describes a moral
character that all entrepreneurs should
strive to attain.Your work and support
of your products are first rate.
Robert Wilkens, Jr.
Top Contender Home Business Network

When I read your Ice Cream
‘Comb’ Story….I couldn’t help but
“punch the air” and say
“YESSS!!!”….because your story and
experience encapsulates exactly the
“attitude” that one must have in life to
overcome whatever life throws your way.
Randy Baker Pacific Attitude

Your article was so well put, I finally
felt someone was able to verbalize what
goes on in my mind and my life. It’s
very rare that I have time to sit down
and send a personal note to a complete
stranger, but…when something deserves
recognition, it should be received. So
to that, I would like to say THANK YOU
for your wonderful article.
Al Smith

My wife now understands, as you
eloquently put what I have been trying
to get across. Appreciations!
Keith Agnew
Operations Director
Magnett Systems

Man that was a great article in
InternetDay. You hit so many nails on
the head. Finally an article that gives
you more than just “How to obtain High
Ranking”. Thanks. I’ll probably send
this to InternetDay too.
Eddie Vaisman Nutrition Gallery

I have NEVER replied or responded to an
article; I read, digest and file away !
However, your above mentioned article is
so much to the point and has ALL the
truths in it that I HAD to drop you a
line and CONFIRM (as if you didn’t know
!!) that you are extremely correct in
all the points tackled.
Fabian Brincat

Thanks a lot for a great article at
Internet Day. I had become bored with
several of the articles and your
submission kept me reading on. Excellent
advice. Sometimes people need to be
reminded that there are others that may
have the same ideas.
Sherry Ranten, Ph.D., B.T.S.

My name is Dave Clark. I feel I
know you well through your writing and
it’s my intention you’ll come to know me
as well. I must complement you on your
work. Outstanding – best of the net
in my book.
Dave Clark

Here’s what my Internet Marketing
competitors have written:

Rick’s attitude has always
impressed me. Ever since I
first read an article by him, I
could sense that his personality
shines brightly through all of the
work he does.

And his latest product,
E-Zine Money, is no exception.

Ezine Money is a clear,
concise guide to increasing traffic
and sales using a super-effective
marketing technique:
submitting articles to online

Coming close to being
classified in the ‘for Dummies’ range,
this idiot-proof guide will
take even the newest of Internet
Marketers through the process of
writing an article and getting it
published, step-by-step.

Don’t be fooled by it’s
simplicity. Rick has stumbled upon one
of the Internet’s most POWERFUL
promotional techniques, and by using
this guide you’ve got yourself a
first-class ticket to FREE web
promotion that would outperform even
the most expensive of e-zine
advertising campaigns.

Rick’s writing style will
make you laugh. It will make you
cry. It will make you punch the air
and shout ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’, but most
of all it will do what it’s meant
for – It will teach you how to can SKY
ROCKET your online profits
literally OVER NIGHT.

And for only $29.95, it’s an
absolute bargain. I indirectly earned
over $3000 by using these exact same
techniques, all for just over an
hour’s work. And you can do the same.
Lee Benson

Rick Beneteau is a total
genius when it comes to promoting
through ezines. The first time I
used Rick’s method, my traffic
counter on my site practically
broke! I’ve told Rick he should sell
his secrets for 10 times what he is
now. I’d personally have paid $1000
and been happy. Remember, it isn’t
quantity of information. It’s
Marlon Sanders
Author: Discover the Amazing Formula
that Sells Products Like Crazy

I’ve been marketing online
for several years now, and I’ve
tried just about everything — and
the bottom line is that EMM is right
on the money. We have had incredible
success using the exact tactics that
you so eloquently describe in EMM —
I just wish I had found EMM years
ago because it would have saved us a
whole lot of time and needless
frustration. Anyone can generate
thousands of dollars worth of free
advertising by following your
step-by-step guide. Keep up the
great work, and be sure to let me
know of any other products you’re
working on. If they are anything
like EMM, count me in!
Jess O’Leary
Founder: Linkomatic
Founder: Internet Marketing
Chronicles/Internet Marketing Challenge

Rick Beneteau, who has been
marketing full-time on the Internet for
two years, has become a master at
getting oodles of free publicity for his
business by writing articles for
newsletters. Rick’s book tells you
exactly what you need to do to get your
articles accepted by newsletter
Allan Gardyne
Founder: Newsletter# 73

Awesome! Rick’s EMM is
superb advice… And an easy read! As an
author and editor of three e-zines (one
with over 120,000 subscribers), I can
not only attest to the fact that his
no-nonsense approach is true let alone
essential, but it can also help almost
anyone with a keyboard-in-hand a genuine
desire to succeed to really make it on
the Internet. I highly, highly recommend

Rick teaches what I’ve
learned the hard way. Today, as an
author and entrepreneur, I
personally enjoy the success Rick
professes. But what took me 6 long
years to learn, EMM encapsulates it
in less than an hour! I wish I knew
this stuff back then… Bravo!
Michel Fortin, Ph.D.
Publisher: The Internet Marketing

If you want to specialize
in writing articles for newsletters,
or even just spend a considerable
amount of time doing so, this course
is recommended reading. You will
quickly learn the basics.
Joshua Reimer
The Promotion World Informer

Great Tool! A no non-sense
approach! We highly recommend EMM!!
Dave McDuff

Rick, I’ve just finished
reading “The Ezine Marketing Machine”.
Here’s something odd–I read the entire
thing in one sitting. So many of the
Internet marketing products I own are
filled with a lot of words and little
useful information. Not this product. I
found it clear, entertaining, and
extremely informative. What’s best is
that it contains clear directions as to
what I can do RIGHT NOW to make money
money on the internet. Thanks!
Dr. Bill Nieporte

You hit it directly on the head!
Especially as an ezine publisher
myself, I’m always looking for GOOD
content, info that relates to
everyone and not just sells their
business in the articles. Most times
those articles just get the delete
key after I’ve reviewed them.
However, when the article is
informative, I strive to include

Your EMM gives people the
information they need to PROPERLY
(and I STRESS THAT) write and submit
articles to ezines, especially if
they are new at it. And, this is
definitely a resource needed for
those who are ALREADY submitting
articles as well! I’m sure it will
help many of them “tweak” their
articles to gain added exposure.

For anyone considering
article submissions, this is a MUST
Amber Jalink
Publisher of the Biz Opp Ezine

Just wanted to say thanks
for putting out a product that I can
really use for a change, which you
don’t find that much out on the
Internet these days! Your Ezine
Marketing Machine was very
informative and enlightening, and I
will definitely be putting to use
what I have learned in your book. I
will be recommending this book to
all my friends and colleagues!
Kathy Williams
Editor/Publisher BusyMom Ezine

Here’s what the Founder/CEO
of Streamline International said:

I read the book and was
inspired with the content. Even if you
offered no affiliate program I would
still recommend it to the thousands of
distributors in It’s
truly that good!
J.R. Jackson
Streamline International, Inc.