Humanitarian Endorsements

These are public endorsements for Rick’s humanitarian work as co-founder of 10 Million Clicks For Peace.

“Peace in its most fundamental form is the connection of one human spirit to another. As we connect with each other we engender understanding, trust, compassion, and every other expression of love. 10 Million Clicks For Peace hastens the connection process so that we may bring love to each other on the broadest possible scale. What a beautiful and remarkable concept!”
Nobel Peace Laureate,
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu


“Once in a great while, a project comes along with the most profound implications for the future of all humanity. For the first time in history, every person can effortlessly contribute to world peace using the power of the Internet. 10 Million Clicks For Peace is a mission of the highest human spirit and contains a most remarkable mechanism for creating world peace. I am honored to give this innovative humanitarian project my full support that we may once and for all move all peoples and all nations towards greater kindness, harmony, and love.”
Jack Canfield
Co-author, of the
Chicken Soup for the Soul~book series


“We, The World is honored to be a part of this initiative! We anticipate that 10 Million Clicks For Peace will soon become a leading force in awakening a public spirit of caring and involvement. 10 Million Clicks For Peace can spark the tipping point of aware and involved people acting collectively that is needed for a peaceful, sustainable world.”
Rick Ulfik
Founder and Director of We, The World


Mercy Corps whole heartedly endorses this innovative initiative for peace. This project is a shining example of what each of us can do, as partners for peace, to be the change we want to see in the world.
—Diana Ayton-Shenker,
Mercy Corps



“Thankfully, most of us have never witnessed firsthand the brutal horrors of war and genocide. For those of us who have (and I am one), 10 Million Clicks For Peace offers great hope for the prospect of true and lasting peace in the world. I whole-heartedly support this noble work!”
Immaculée Ilibagiza
Rwandan genocide survivor and author of Left To Tell

It is when we touch another soul with kindness and understanding, that we connect most deeply to ourselves. What could be more beautiful than millions of visionaries seeking to touch the entire world? I applaud the vision, scope, and practical methods by which 10 Million Clicks is spreading peace.
—Robert A.F. Thurman, President,
Tibet House,


“In today’s conflict-filled world, it is difficult to find “unambiguously good” causes that everyone can get behind, regardless of political orientation. 10 Million Clicks for Peace is one such unambiguously good effort, and it has my wholehearted support.”
—Stephen J. Kraus, Ph.D., Harvard Ph.D., author of Psychological Foundations of Success


“Changing the world begins with ourselves. As you become the person you want the world to be and you treat others as though they are one, others will follow. 10 Million Clicks For Peace can be used as a system of connectivity to assist us and people throughout the world to realize that we are all one, and to highlight how many people truly know this. It will help us all realize our oneness and how we are alike rather than different. Seek the similarities of all and you will find them!”
—John Halderman,
Personal Growth writer, speaker and trainer.


“10 Million Clicks for Peace makes my heart sing with joy and hope. I am in awe that the technology of the internet can connect one heart at a time with intent and such a compassionate purpose. When I watched the ‘Melissa’ movie, I wept with hope and acknowledgement that each one of us can create peace and true heart connection through this remarkable project.”
—Marcia Breitenbach
MA, Licensed Professional Counselor


“The concept of 10 Million Clicks for Peace is breathtaking! The idea that we as individuals could band together to have a tangible impact in bringing more peace to our world — it is a privilege to be part of this glorious endeavor.”
—Terri Zwierzynski


“What a brilliant concept! What a beautiful way to utilize the Universal Law of Attraction. It is truly co-creation at its best. Whatever we put our attention on, we get more of. I can’t think of a more inspiring place for us to have our attention. Thanks to the founders and to all of you who are joining us in this worthwhile project.”
—Eva Gregory, CPCC,
Author of “The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity”


“At last, a place where we all who are of One Mind may humbly open our hearts and our pocketbooks without reservation, to share our compassion for our global human condition, and have a renewed, invigorated hope for peace.”
—Corry Roach, RN, Canada



















“Technology sometimes can make life easier and peace more achievable. 10 Million Clicks For Peace has the distinct ability to marry the two concepts — funding for peace and technological
progress — and lighten the burden of peacemakers everywhere. Using technology
for the good of humanity is something I believe in
strongly and therefore have no hesitation in endorsing this program.“
Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi who carries on the work of his famous grandfather)


10 Million Clicks For Peace is a beautiful expression of our infinite creative potential. We are free to create peace for ourselves, and help others create it too. We must simply choose to do it, and now it’s as easy as a few clicks. What a magnificent project!
Deepak Chopra, M.D.


“After looking at 10 Million Clicks for Peace for only a few minutes, I realized the phenomenal power you’ve given me to change the world. Guys, this is a winning touchdown for all of humanity.”
Drew Bledsoe, Retired NFL Quarterback
Founder Double Back Winery



“This reminds me of the saying that it’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Imagine the effect of 10 Million Clicks For Peace — each click symbolizing a peace candle!!! Let us join together in one great moment of dedication, in one special moment of caring to make 10 million clicks for peace and to light 10 million candles in our hearts. A noble cause, indeed!”
John Harricharan,
Award-winning author of the
bestseller, “When You Can Walk
on Water, Take the Boat”



“My goal would be to see every grandmother forward this to her entire family saying “this is why I raised you, go be helpful.”
—Mike Hill, Internet Consultant,


“The message is clear the time is Now. ‘The future depends on what we do in the present. If we are to reach real peace in this world… we shall have to start with the children.’ Mahatma Gandhi”
—Robert Forenza,
Responsible for getting millions of hugs over the past 20+ years placed upon our Earth.


“For 25 years, I have lived in Africa. Most of those years, I spent in a country that had – and still has – refugees from three neighboring countries at war, as well as from the country itself from the time of political tribal clashes, nearly two decades ago.

I have seen their faces, at times known their names,
listened to their story and tried to help. In all the
powerlessness we feel in the face of such misery, I have
learned something very important. Even when we cannot
make great gestures, the small ones do help. Be it with some food, an arm around a shoulder,a smile, a prayer, or some money we feel like giving – we can always become a blessing to another from the compassion in our heart.

I appreciate the creation of 10 Million Clicks for Peace. A great gesture! And I invite you to participate. With all my heart!”
—Constance Eykman, The Netherlands


“I am so happy to endorse this group. It is time for humanity to realize that war does not bring peace. We are all one.”
—Renee G. Weinberg, Interior Designer


“The 10 Million Clicks for Peace campaign is a brilliant use of the Law of Attraction which states that what we focus on expands. When we focus on peace, peace will expand. Our ideas toward peace will escalate and this is just the beginning of more and more creative solutions on behalf of not only peace, but prosperity and abundance in the midst of peace. Thank you all who have created this project!”
—Juanita Bellavance, Internet Entrepreneur Coach


“I would like to commend you for the work that you are doing. With the idea of being pro peace we all can join hands and make a positive impact in this world and embrace the fact that we are all very similiar and that together everyone accomplishes more.”
—Jonathan Steven Lederman,
Production Coordinator of
Happy Times Monthly


“This program is all that is good about technology! It creates simple and heart-felt ways for each and every one of us to help a friend in need and thus co-create a more peaceful world. Peace to all!”
—Peter Melton, Peace Visionary


“Never have I seen a project filled not only with extraordinary hope, but with a visionary and practical plan that will begin at last a change long overdue – a change back to humanity and a peace-centered world. I believe it will flow from the efforts of 10 Million Clicks for Peace. You have created a masterpeace! We can do this…together.”
—Terri Marie, CEO White Wing Entertainment
Award Winning Author and Documentary Producer